Saturday, September 20, 2008

Holly the Malamute is hiking to Help northern breeds!

My name is Holly, and although I'm not from your part of the country, I am a rescue. Well, a different sort of rescue. My mom and dad found me, starving, wet, and very dirty, in a corn field in Northeastern Nebraska on Christmas Eve. They were driving home from visiting my dads family, when they spotted me off the side of the highway, eating junk out of the cornfield. Mom jumped out of the car and called to me. I came running and did an immediate "tummy up" so she could rub my tummy. I was nothing but skin and bones! I only weighed 79 pounds! Yes, you may think that is a lot, but I now weight a very healthy 115 pounds!!! I am very spoiled, and get lots and lots of attention from mom and dad! I also live with 3 Siberians and 2 Samoyeds. We are quite a happy family. Mom loves to help with the fundraisers for MaPaw AND Harnessed to Hope. We are virtual hikers this year, and just love helping the other northern breeds out there who need saving, and help finding their furever homes, just like I did.

To pledge via check, make checks out to The Alliance of Northern Breed Rescues. On the memo line, please note 'Holly - HTHNBR and MaPaw', and send to Alliance of Northern Breed Rescues, PO Box 773 Horsham, PA 19044.

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Holly said...

Thank you HTH for letting me be a virtual hiker!! I made my pledge, and hope others will do the same.