Monday, September 22, 2008

Sky and Bandit are Hiking for Harnessed to Hope!

From Sky (the one on the right not wearing anything silly): I was the very first dog my family adopted. I was only 3 and had a number of physical problems, including lyme disease, kidney problems, and digestive issues. On top of that, I had severe separation anxiety from being separated from my litter mate I had been raised with. My humans got lots of great help with my physical issues. They took me to school to learn to train a husky (ha ha ~ silly humans) and help me cope with my separation issues. My family was so dedicated to me that they joined Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue to learn as much as they could about me and try to help other dogs in need.

As a result of volunteering with the rescue, we saw so many dogs in need of foster care and new homes. Because we also have cats, there aren't many dogs that we can even consider to foster. A dedicated shelter worker in NJ fell in love with Bandit and worked so hard to have him pulled by a rescue organization. He passed his cat test with flying colors and came to our house in January. From the first day he came home, he just acted like he belonged here. He immediately adapted to routines, understood that I was the resident princess, and the cats trusted him right away. Our humans worked with him on trusting men and some mouthing issues, but for the most part he just became instant family. The last issue we worked through was helping him to sleep through the night (everyone knows a princess needs her beauty sleep!) - he would wake me and our humans up several times every night, for no reason that I could figure out. He just seemed sad at night. After a couple weeks our Mom got him to jump up on the bed with her while she was watching TV, and he's slept like a baby every night since (on the human bed of course)! I guess it goes without saying, he's no longer a foster dog, has become a giant mama's boy, and will be part of our family for the rest of his life. That's fine with me cause he's a pretty cool brother!

From the Humans owned by Sky and Bandit: Sky and Bandit bring us joy every day, and photos like this one just make us smile all the time. Through them, we've had the opportunity to meet all kinds of great people who want to help northern breed dogs. We've also been able to meet lots of other wonderful dogs, like Sky and Bandit, who will make great pets with the help of great rescue organizations like MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue, Delaware Valley Siberian Husky Rescue, and Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue.

Please help us raise money for other Huskies in need, make a pledge today!

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