Sunday, November 04, 2007

Welcome Bella!

Some of you may remember reading about Bella when we posted about her on Sibernet and other lists. She was returned to the shelter and was there for a little over two months. She became very stressed and depressed and started chewing on herself. These are photos that some of our volunteers took of her when they went to evaluate her in the shelter:

Bella was very sweet, but she always looked serious and kind of sad at the shelter.

One of our foster homes had a space open up and decided to take her. Here are some pictures of Bella in her foster home:

Does she look like a happy girl or what? Bella is doing great in her crate, and she is housetrained and pretty much a perfect lady. She is not chewing on herself and seems pretty happy!


Holly said...

Congratulations Bella! You look so much happier now to be in a home! Now lets home you find that furever home asap!!


The Brat Pack said...

Wow, she's a knockout! Gorgeous girl!