Saturday, October 06, 2007

Walk for Paws in Columbia, Maryland

Today we had a booth at the Walk for Paws at Lake Elkhorn in Columbia, Maryland. It was HOT!!!. It is a very pretty park though and we had lots of fun. We even got to see Alexa, who was adopted from Harnessed to Hope by a family in Columbia, MD at the end of August. She was there with her new family and her new brother Cayman. You can see some pictures of them here, they are both beautiful white Huskies!

Anyway, we did pretty well. A lot of people stopped by to see our two red and white Huskies, Indy and Meeshka. Poor Indy had to wear the donation vest and couldn't take turns with Meeshka because she is so, er, fluffy, that the vest didn't close in front.

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We also made friends with this pretty white Husky and her owner. She was resting in the shade, and another dog stopped to enjoy the shade too.

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We also met some nice dogs.

Meeshka was nice enough to guard the cash box while the humans packed up the merchandise.

If you are going to be in Annapolis on October 27th, come see us at the Quiet Waters Dog Park 6th Annual Howl-o-Ween Barkin' Bash. There will be a costume contest and lots of fun events!


Holly said...

Oh My Dog!! Is that a whole TABLE full of stuffies that I see?!!!

I would have loved that!

How nice of Indy to wear the donation vest. Yes, Meeshka does certainly look quite "fluffy" in that picture!


The Army of Four said...

Wow. Meeshka did a GREAT job guarding the cash box! I didn't realize she was into security work.
Indy and Meeshka make a lovely pair!
Play bows,

Bama said...

Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for all you do for us furballs in need, and for the PAWSOME cookbook. So far we've tried 3 of the recipes, and mom promised to bake some treats to take to the annual Husky Howl next weekend. This event benefits SHRF (Siberian Husky Rescue of FL), and they needed raffle items so mom figured she could include your address in the treat bags in case anyone else wants to buy a cookbook too. We'd love to include a link to you on our page to do our part to get the word out to help, if that's okay with you.
Bama & the RHP
PS, Indy & Meeshka look so beawootifful together, and look like they did a good job helping!

dog house noah said...

Were those huskies foster dogs too? Their so cute but are they the type of dog that you can let out of the Wooden Dog House ?

The Old Man & His Dog said...

Love the red and whites. I adopted mine from a shelter in Sayreville NJ. Can't tell if she's a Mal or Sib or a mix. Take a look at the picture on my blog and let me know if you can tell. Thanks Rich