Friday, October 05, 2007

Zephyr Goes to the Beach

Click to enlargeZephyr went with his foster mom to an event in Atlantic County, New Jersey
today. When his foster mom realized how close they were to being "down the
shore" she decided she couldn't miss the chance to see how Zephyr would do
at the beach. So on the way home they made a detour to Long Beach Island,
where Zephyr made it clear that even a northern breed dog can appreciate
sun, surf, and sand!

At first he wasn't sure what to think of the water running up to him and
grabbing his paws, but he decided soon enough that splashing around in the
ocean is a pretty good time. Zephyr also tried his best to catch some sea
gulls. Probably would have gotten one too, if it weren't for his boring
no-fun leash and his boring no-fun foster mom.

After a long day of working the event booth and playing at the beach,Click to enlargeZephyr snored in the car for the entire ride home. He even slept through
his mom eating some stinky drive-thru food while driving. If it's true that
"a tired husky is a good husky," then Zephyr is the very best (half) husky
of all time tonight!


Thumper said...

Oh wow...what a beautiful pup! Michele sent me to squeal over his pretty he is, and to miss my long gone Golden Retriever just a bit :)

Triumph said...

Triumph says the boring leash is the only way to go....not just for huskies either......ALL dogs....haven't ever seen one hit by a car when on leash or fenced......

your mom really is fun Zephyr....and I think you're very handsome........

Jean M Fogle said...

If you like dogs at the beach you might enjoy seeing my blog all about salty dogs. There is even a pic of a husky i photographed in CA.

Jean M Fogle said...

Oops wrong blog address.