Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bella's Update

I had to go back the vet this week, and they stuck another needle in my leg and took more blood. I was a very good girl, of course, and all the people at the vet loved me. My foster parents got a call today from the vet, and they said my thyroid is normal! I’m not sure what that means, but they told me I don’t have to take medicine now, which is good. I hate medicine, and I’m very smart about picking out pills from my food and spitting them out.

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I did hear my foster parents saying mean things, though. They said that since my thyroid is normal, they will have to work harder to get some weight off me. They were talking about reducing my food a little and watching the treats. What?? Are they going to starve me? I love food, and always eat all my dinner. I’m not sure what green beans are, but I think I’m going to get them in my food now. I hope they taste good. I sure will miss those yummy salmon treats. My foster mom says they smell bad, but I think they smell and taste great. I even spin in circles when foster mom gets that container off the shelf.

I’m happy here in my foster home. I don’t itch anymore, and my coat is beautiful. My hair is growing back where the shelter clipped it down. I LOVE to be brushed and it shows! I can’t wait to find a home where I can live forever, lay on a soft blanket, and be brushed and petted all the time.

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Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Oh they aren't THAT bad - as Miss Hbbb!

My hu-mom is so happy woo are doing well!

Your story used to make her khry - and wish she khould adopt woo - but she already had me!

We BOTH have lots to be thankful for!