Saturday, December 01, 2007

Update on Yeva

Yeva is such a sweet girl. She and her three puppies were pulled from a shelter in North Carolina the day before they were scheduled to be euthanized. She's so happy in her foster home. When our volunteer got her from the shelter, Yeva's eyes were very red and irritated, as you can see here.

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She was taken to the vet and was given some ointment to put in her eyes, but it didn't help much. So she went to the vet again and was diagnosed as having entropion, which is when the edges of the eyelids roll inward. This causes the eye to become irritated and uncomfortable. Yeva had surgery to correct this problem, but the surgery doesn't always completely correct the problem. So she went to a specialist who said that her lower eyelids were no longer rolling inward, but they were too loose, and rubbed against her eyeballs, and that this is why her eyes were still irritated. The vet put in some stitches to hold her lower eyelids in place to allow her eyes time to heal from the first surgery. Here she is with her stitches.

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After her eyes have had some time to heal, he will then do surgery to correct the way her lower eyelids fit over her eyballs. We are crossing our fingers for Yeva!

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Dakota said...

Merry Christmas to all the foster dogs at HTH!

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