Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Update on Dolly

Hi, it's me, Dolly again. I wanted to show everyone how well I am settling in to my foster home. Here are some recent pictures of me with my foster sisters.

Here I am cuddling on the floor with Rena. Kayna is on the couch.

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Here I am with Rena.

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Rena and I have decided that the best place to wrestle is on foster dad's bed. As you can see, we are pretty tired from wrestling!

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I really am a sweetheart and I am learning to get along really well with my foster sisters.

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That's it for now. I am going to another rescue event this Sunday at the Baltimore County Humane Society, you should come meet me!


Fu Fu said...

Oh you guys are so cute and look so loving to each other. :)

~ fufu

utenzi said...

Hi Dolly. It's good to see that you're fitting in well and I hope you find a great home.

Michele sent me, Foster Dogs.

Shephard said...

Gorgeous. I hope the other dogs aren't jealous of how pretty you are.

Michele sent me. :)