Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tall, Mysterious Red Head Seeks Fur-Ever Home

My name is Wolfgang and I'm one big hunk o' handsome dog!

My hobbies are: acting like a goofy big puppy when playing, running around really fast, learning new things.

I'm about 2 years old and currently I'm stuck in a boarding facility looking for a new home. My former owners had a baby, and go figure that I'm a bit too rambunctious for small children. Someone had to go, and I didn't see them leaving the kid in a shelter... guess you know what that means.

I just wanted to let you know that I have a bit of an identity crisis. I'm a husky-shepherd mix, so I don't know when to be goofy husky, or obedient working shepherd, and I don't know how big and strong I am, so I need some training to help me find my inner puppy side.

I get along great with other dogs my size, but smaller dogs and other animals, alas, I think are chew toys, so its best I stay away from those. I have some problems meeting dogs and people on a leash (the guardian shepherd in me) but with positive training and clicker training... I'm doing much better.

I'd like a nice big fenced yard to play in, a family that treats me like family, and some food... that's pretty much all I need, so if you'd like to give me a chance, just say the word and I'm scheduling a visit. I'm currently in New York, but my benefactor is willing to travel for the RIGHT home.

Please contact Just call Harriet at: 917-405-0593, or e-mail Harriet


Shane said...

Hi Wolfgang! If I had a big farm, I'd invite you and all of your furry friends to hunker down.

unfortunately, i live in an apartment that allows no animals, so it looks like life for both of us right now is a little "ruff."

moon said...

What a beautiful dog! I have two small live plush toys so you wouldnt work here but I sure hope you find a good home.
My sister is training a border collie and likes the clicker method, she just started it herself and finds it teaches well.
Here from Michele's today, have a great day.