Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Harley the Handsome Husky Needs a New Home!

UPDATE - 8/17

From our volunteer:

I just wanted to let everyone know that I talked to Harley's owner today, and he has found a home. His owners neighbor, who has 2 sibes herself, has taken Harley in. Tina will be able to visit Harley whenever she wants, so she is very happy about that. Thank you to everyone who was looking for a home for this poor boy.

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Poor Harley, his owners had to move to a new apartment, and they tried and tried, but could not find an apartment that would let them keep Harley. We are trying to get Harley adopted or find him a foster home. Here is what Harley's owner has to say:

Harley is 5yrs old. He is a neutered male that is up to date on his rabies shots. He is a very sweet dog. He likes to "talk" to you when he first sees you in greeting. is greeting is sort of a mix between a howl and a growl, and is very sweet. He rarely barks, except for 1 or 2 short barks when he wants to be taken outside, and then as soon as you say,"Want to go out?" he stops immediately. He is good with other dogs. I haven't had him around cats very much, and as with almost all dogs, he will try to chase them if they run. I think if the cat stood and faced him he would not do anything. He is absolutely fabulous with small children, and loves kids in general. He will do tricks for my kids for hours, for small treats and pats on the head. He knows sit, is fairly good at stay, when inside, and with a little more work would be really good with down. He never jumps on someone unless they invite him to, which I discourage. Harley can heel well if you remind him to a few times, and if you give him a little reminder with the leash and say stop pulling,he will walk with a slack leash as well. We have not worked enough with him, because I have been sick, and my boyfriend knows absolutely nothing about dogs, except to walk, feed, and play with them. I think he is very trainable, and the dog trainer that boards him when we are gone says he would most likely make a very good obedience or agility dog. That's her specialty, so I guess she's probably correct. I think from my experience with animals, that Harley is a good dog that is very trainable. And I think he learns quickly, especially compared to some other dogs I have seen. I have never seen him dig or try to jump a fence when outside. We also use a childgate to block him from the room where the bunnies and birds are, and if we raise it about 4 inches off the floor, he does not try to go over it. I think if it is eye level with him, he won't try to jump it. If we would let him, he would sleep on the bed with us, of course. But it's too hot! During the day, when it is really hot, he stays at the foot of the stairs and sleeps. He is a very calm dog. He loves to play fetch. Also one of his favorite treats is a Kong with peanut butter inside, he will work for hours with his tongue trying to get it out. He is housebroken and crate trained, but he hasn't been in his crate for a while, so he would probably need a short refresher course in it. He does well with baths.

Harley's owner is very, very sad that she can't keep him. She was crying when she talked to our volunteer. If you think you can give Harley a permanent or foster home, please email us.

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