Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I need to get out and about!

Nikita here again, apparently, my foster sister had the fun adventure of meeting some nice people in an area called 'Philly' this past weekend. She went on an adoption but wasn't picked. Oh Boo Hoo! At least she had the chance to get out for a while! Wherever this 'Philly' place is, I'm sure its better than this stinky contraption that I'm in! The human lady calls it a crate and says I need to learn how to 'relax' in there. Heellloo, I'm 9 years old, that's all I really know how to do... with the occasional 'zoomies' just to keep her guessing ;-)
I like to keep the humans guessing; that's entertainment and I need my entertainment, but don't tell them that, they might put me to work or something.
Oh well, off for my beauty sleep (not like I need it). Only thing, these photos of me that I found, they're of me in that 'crate'. Oh, how I need a home were I'm spoiled rotten again.

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