Tuesday, July 25, 2006

*Cough*...Pass the Thera Flu

I'm Tristin. My great foster mom Bev got me from a shelter last week. And I'm sick. Just when I get to my new house and I can run and PLAY, I'm sick.

Coughing and sneezing. This stinks.

And apparently I've spread the fun to the other dogs here. There's another foster dog, named Sidra. She's coughing and sneezing too. And all of the resident dogs here are getting sick, too. They think I brought it with me.

Sure, blame the new guy.

So, until we're better, we all take nasty medicine (though the pills are hidden in cheese, so that's not bad. They think we don't know) And we can't play. So we're all separated and hafta rest. Sigh. I hope this "sick" stuff is done soon.

All I can say is...pass the Thera Flu, 'cause I don't feel so good!

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In all seriousness, we did get a warning today about canine influenza:


Small Dog Rescue in Princton NJ is under mandatory quarantine for having tested positive to active canine influenza. People and dogs should avoid direct contact with the Small Dog Shelter in Princton New Jersey.

It can be spread from dog to dog, people to dog through clothing etc. Highly contagious with high mortality rate. The quarantine was not self-imposed, but mandated by the state and local government. If anyone knows of anyone that has visited Small Dog Rescue recently they should watch their dogs for symtons.

This is a very serious problem and needs to be brought out into the

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Anonymous said...

I thought the quarantine at Small Dog Rescue was self-imposed at the recommendation of the veterinarian (who is also my vet) treating the dogs.

Although the town (Franklin Twp) later imposed a quarantine and then called the National Guard to invade (http://www.nj.com/news/ledger/somerset/index.ssf?/base/news-1/1154069207231450.xml&coll=1&thispage=1) the county prosecuter and state SPCA quickly put an end to that.

Unfortunately, people repeating false information on the internet caused incompetent town officials to overreact (and they continue to overreact), hindering instead of helping treatment of the dogs.