Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Always a Bridesmaid...

never a bride.

That's me, Alaska. I went on an adoption on Sunday, and I was extra cute. I gave kisses, leaned on the humans, and got BELLY RUBS!!!

They were apparently torn between me and Cash.

They had a little dog there that I wanted to play and play and play with. I'm not sure if the little dog wanted to play as much as me.

Cash is lazier than I am. He didn't want to play as much. So I guess they wanted him.
I hope I find my home soon. Anyone out there like leaning huskies and giving belly rubs?

Oh, and just so you all feel extra sorry for me, I think you should all know that I have been in foster care the longest of any of the Harnessed to Hope foster dogs...sniff!

So if you think you are my long-awaited forever home, email my foster mom or call 866-65-RESCUE and ask about me, Alaska!

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