Thursday, May 08, 2008

Matty the Puppy Mill Puppy

click to enlargeMatty is 11 weeks old, but has already had a tough start in life. He was rescued from a puppy mill, where he was born with a deformed left front leg. He has a whole leg, but he cannot use it, so he keeps it tucked up under his belly. The specialist that saw Matty at Valley Central Veterinary Referral Center said that there is not enough of a shoulder to use plates and screws to save Matty's leg. The leg needs to be amputated, and Matty will have surgery on May 16th. Valley Central gave us a generous discount, but the surgery is still expensive. Because we are a 501c3 non profit organization, all donations are tax deductible. Donate with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Matty's foster mom says:
"Mattias is just like any other Siberian puppy in most ways. He races around the yard, loves to play with his toys, adores pets and belly rubs, chews on everything he can get in his mouth, and wants to play, play, play! However, Matty cannot use his left-front leg. It doesn’t slow him down very much except on stairs and uneven ground. He is adapting very quickly, and learning a little every day. He knows to sit for his meals and before he goes out the door. He is almost completely house-broken, and his crate training is coming along nicely. He loves people and other dogs, as long as the other dogs are tolerant of typical puppy behavior like jumping around and nibbling on their ears. He has shown no fears, and loves to talk in a lovely Siberian woo-woo to anyone within his sight.
Mattias will need continued care and training to adapt to life on three legs, but he’s more than ready for the adventure. He sees all the joy life has to offer him, and will bring that joy into the home that will be fortunate to call him their own."

We will post updates on Matty!


Franki V said...

Matty, you are the cutest pup! Wish that we could do zoomies together.:-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Franki, you are an adorable pup too! C'mon over! I do zoomies around the yard at my foster home. My zoomies are just a little bouncier than some pups because I'm hopping on my front leg. I can move pretty fast though!


The Brat Pack said...

I'm late in seeing this, but we'll be happy to help. I wish we were closer, Matty would be a great pack member here. :)