Saturday, June 16, 2007

Updike Shreds a Stuffed Toy in Record Time!

Today we went to the Bark in the Park event at the Baltimore County Humane Society in Reisterstown, Maryland. Our new foster Updike was there. He is really friendly and laid back, and did great! He met other dogs very nicely and gave kisses to lots of people and kids!

AND someone gave Updike a stuffed toy! He made good use of it by shredding it in under 7 minutes!

Good job Updike!


MaPaw said...

Excellent work, Updike. That was a good demonstration of how easily Siberians shred toys.

Paul said...

Hi. I really like your joint. This is a great blog!!! Actually, I stopped in yesterday with My First Wife and she drooled all over my keyboard. "Beautiful dogs," she kept saying. You do a good thing.

Then, you're the 2nd blog I've seen today where the blog owner was at Bark in the Park yesterday. The other was in Washington State. And she fosters wild mustang horses. Your blogs must be cousins.

Here from Michele's and if it's okay, I'll be back.

Franki V said...

Inside out is the Husky's motto!