Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Our New Foster, Updike

This is our new foster Updike. You can see that he's decided he's one of the family, he hangs out right next to his foster brother and sister. Updike is in front, Polar is in the middle, and Tashi is in the back (half of her is under the couch). Polar is also a Harnessed to Hope dog, he was adopted in July of 2006!

Updike is a real sweetheart. He has settled in very well with his foster brother and sister. Here he is with Polar.


Guinness & Shiloh's Mommy said...

Hi, Updike! Welcome to rescue! We're sure you'll find an awesome fur-ever family very soon. You sure are a hansome fellow. It looks like you are already right at home.

Dakota said...

Oh, how handsome!
Updike, you sure are lucky. Tell us more about yourself.


panthergirl said...

How beautiful!! And I *love* his name!

Here via michele today.

yellojkt said...

Updike is very cute. You don't find many dogs named after famous writers.

michele sent me.