Friday, April 06, 2007

Thunder, Frosty and Sasha Need Homes!

Thunder, Frosty and Sasha belong to a nice lady in Montgomery County, Maryland. Her husband passed away so she has to move by the end of May, and she cannot take her dogs with her. All three of these dogs are up to date on shots and neutered or spayed. Our volunteers have met them and they are very sweet. They are good with children and dogs.

Frosty is an 8 year old gray, black and white beauty with blue eyes. She is naturally petite and only weighs 38lbs. She has a moderate energy level. She absolutely LOVES attention and will lean against you to be petted. This little sweetheart is a real attention hound! When she is fed she will not eat her food until she gets a belly rub and gives a kiss to her mom.

Sasha is a 9 year old purebred Siberian Husky. She has a completely white coat with amazingly intense blue eyes - just look at that face! She weighs 45 lbs and has a moderate energy level. She is shy at first - she has to check you out and then she licks your entire face. One of her quircky traits is that she grumbles the whole time she is eating her food. You can take the food away from her so it is not guarding - it just seems to be the way she "talks". It was actually pretty funny to watch her she would eat and run around in circles.

Thunder is a stunning white, blue eyed male who just turned 9 years old. He is a big boy and weighs 60lbs. This guy is a real character. He is full of energy and just the sweetest dog. He LOVES to give kisses. He knows some commands. His owner taught him "gentle" for when he takes treats. We recommend a home with older children just because he is so energetic that he may be a bit too exuberant for small children.

For more information on any of these dogs please
email our owner surrender team.


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wow, what an awesome site. I'll put you on my link list.

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Oh, how we lived closer...

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Uh, I can't type. I meant how I WISH we lived closer. ;)