Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Make Your Dog Famous and Help Our Rescue!

Are you worried about finding safe treats for your dogs? We are too, and we are putting together a book of dog treat recipes that Harnessed to Hope will sell as a fundraiser. If you would like to contribute a recipe, we will be glad to include your name and city and your dog's photo and name. and your name and city to give you credit for the recipe.

There will be a section for baked doggie treats and a section for frozen doggie treats for the hot summer weather. We will also have a section for doggies with food allergies and sensitive tummies.

This is your chance to get your picture in a book and help rescue dogs! Please email your photo and recipe to siberescuegirl@gmail.com. Thank you!


PiratesGrrl said...

This is a super idea, we're excited to contribute!

The Brat Pack

PS We can help sell some here too if you need!

panthergirl said...

What a great idea!! Hope you raise a ton of money! We're proud to have contributed to your efforts.

Here via michele today!

MileHighDivaCyn said...

Hey what a wonderful idea....I make my own dog treats but don't take pictures!
Here from Michele's

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