Monday, January 15, 2007

2 9 YO Littermates in NY have til end of January

Two 9 year old littermates in Staten Island, NY need new homes by the end of January. Their owner is going into assistend living at the end of the month. Both dogs are altered, up to date on shots and in good health. Thier owner writes "Both dogs have a very mild temperament. They were never aggressive with other dogs or people. They are very good around children. They are accustomed to going in and outdoors as they please. They have always had their own doggy door leading to the backyard.

It is my wish that they are kept together, as long as possible so they can continue the lifestyle they are accustomed to. Just give them a bone and see how Tati waits for Juno to start chewing on his. While she lies next to him, you will hear her talking. The fact that they are accustomed to being together for so long it is less trouble for any family to adopt, for they are less dependent on others."

Here is Tati (Tatianna):

Here is Juno:

You can visit thier listing on Petfinder for more information.

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