Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I am the Queen... aren't I?

Nikita here, chilling out among my serfs. Well, they might not think of themselves that way, but I do ;-)
I'm still hanging out in my foster home; now with a new gripe. The human lady said that I talk too much. You see, I'm trying to communicate the fact that "I WANT TO GO OUT TO DIFFERENT PLACES!!" but for some reason she just doesn't get it. She's taken me here and there but not enough as I would prefer. I'm starting to go stir-crazy and pretty soon may just be seen wearing a woodpecker suit! I know the human lady had these 'ears' things that I've overheard her saying she wants to put on everyone... translation: 'humiliating photos of us 4-legged creatures'. I have got to teach her how to treat a distinct older lady such as myself. I swear, the training never ends with the 2-legged ones and should you relax on them for 1 day and it's back to square one! My work is never done here.. thanks for listening to me... (overly dramatic and exaggerated sigh)... hey, who put that in there!?!

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