Friday, September 01, 2006

Wolfie Introduction

Hey everyone, my name is Wolfie!

I use to be an owner surrender because I was found by an older gentleman in the winter. He found me laying in a snow bank and thought I had been hit by a car. He took me to the vet, and it turns out that I was just enjoying laying in a snowbank, no injuries. The older man took me home and tried to find me a new home, but I got to be more than he could handle, so the nice folks at Harnessed to Hope took me in as a foster dog.

I'm around 8 years old, they think. I'm perfectly healthy and devious for an 8 year old Siberian Husky. I have a lot to learn, since I've never been trained to do anything. I sleep most of the day in my kennel, and eat two meals a day, gosh I love having regular meals. I'm housetrained and like to walk on a leash, I don't pull, since I'm an older type who doesn't feel the need to rush around.

I get along well with other dogs, but I don't know anything about those cat things, so until I meet one, I can't tell you how well I'd do with them.

I'm just looking for a nice, laid back home where I can sleep, and go on walks and be a part of the family.

If you think I'd make a cool new addition to your loving family, then by all means, let the rescue know. Just click here to go to my page and ask my foster home for more information.

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alex said...

Sounds like a great Wolfie to have around. Here via Michele's today!