Sunday, August 27, 2006

My name is Tristin

Look at me, I'm so cute. My name is Tristin, and I have no idea how to behave like a happy puppy.

Unfortunately, the start of my life was really crappy. I ended up in a shelter, and thankfully a group of people saw something in me, and sprang me from that chaos. I was really dirty and stinky, and I'm also very thin, because I didn't get a whole lot of food.

Since I've been in foster care, I've been eating really good foods, got a bath so now I'm sparkly white and clean smelling, and I've been pretty much spoiled rotten. The problem is, I'm just now beginning to actually learn to play! I had no idea what play was, or what getting good meals on a regular basis was. Its a totally new concept to me, and so I'm not really that much into wagging my tail and showing how happy I am. Some people may think I'm a bit stand-offish, but its just because I haven't learned to trust people yet, give me some time, I'll come around. I do like to lean on people when they pet me.

I'm very scared of thunderstorms, lighting, and fireworks. I have to go into my crate with music. I'm making a lot of progress though, except for a bit of the flu, which I'm getting over now, and once I learn not to chew my leashes in two, I'll be good to go!

Won't you give me a chance to lean on you and learn that humans are good?


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