Saturday, July 15, 2006

Tristin the Dirty New Foster Dog

This is Tristin. Tristin was at a shelter and was not adopted. He had run out of time and was supposed to be euthanized at 10:00 am this morning until our rescue called and said that we could take him. He was pulled from the shelter this morning and arrived at his foster home this evening. He is a purebred all white Siberian Husky with blue eyes. Right now he is skin and bone. And very, very dirty.

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Here you can see how skinny he is.

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Tristin's new foster mom Bev says: "This boy is dirty and skin and bones. He's so pretty. He did lay down on my back seat on the ride home and he finished the tuna hoagie that Gloria and Doug bought him after I got him crated. I have his crate off by itself and I can even close the bi-fold doors and make it a small room so he can have some quiet time without all those other blue eyes looking at him."

The volunteer who got Tristin from the shelter said: "He is a sweet boy that needs reassurance. He gave me kisses when we handed him off to Bev. When we first met Bev and we went to take him out of the crate, his tail was between his legs and he didn't want come out. When he was out, he started to come around."

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Of course he's sweet - look at that goofy smile!

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Dana said...

I met this "lil" guy and he's very well behaved. I am sure he will make someone a wonderful pet.