Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lucy the New Foster Dog

Today Lucy was pulled from the Frederick County Animal Control shelter in Maryland and arrived at her new foster home. Lucy is a 3 year old female Husky mix. Her owners were moving to a place that did not allow pets and well...she ended up at the shelter. Unfortunately, Lucy did not get adopted, and she ran out of time and was supposed to be euthanized at 10:00 am on Wednesday morning. Thank goodness some volunteers wanted to foster her!

So our volunteers organized and figured out who would go evaluate her and introduce her to their own male Husky to make sure she was okay with other male dogs, since the foster home where she is going has male dogs. Then they arranged to meet and relay Lucy to her new foster home. When Lucy first came outside she looked nervous and scared.

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But the volunteer talked nicely to her and petted her and fed her lots of treats, so after a few minutes she relaxed. Soon she was running around off leash with the volunteer's male Husky. Here they are checking out the outdoor kennels in the yard.

Then they met another volunteer who would take Lucy the rest of the way to her new foster home. Lucy got to be outside for a little while and roll in the grass. She looked much more relaxed.

Lucy arrived in her new foster home tonight and is settling in. We'll have an update soon!


kontan said...

ADORABLE!!! I wish I could take on more dogs but my husband would have a fit! Here from Michele's

Kim said...

Hello from Michele! I love huskies! My first grade class studied the Iditarod this year and we learned about them. They are precious.