Saturday, July 08, 2006

Ms. Nikita says Hello

Greetings everyone,

I see my little foster sister has already 'blogged' about our Penns Landing outing. Yes, it was a grand adventure for me (and her as well). Shame, she had to come with us. You see, since I'm the eldest, I deserve the attention and petting and rubs. At 9 yrs old, one would think one should!
I must confess, however, that I prefer to lounge around in the air conditioning and relax with a good squeeky toy. Alas, I share a humble abode with quite a few other, how shall I describe them, 'dogs' and 'toy sharing' is something I have to 'work for'. "Work for"?! At my age, I need to relax and not deal with the 'young' crowd anymore; a nice quiet walk or resting with my human is all I ask. Sometimes though, I do keep them in line by letting the humans know what devious things they are up to :-) I'm very opinionated that way. As a female, I have a view on everything, just ask and I'll tell you.. and sometimes, you don't have to ask!!
Well, I have to run. If you are interested in a sophisticated "older girl" such as myself, please visit the Harnessed to Hope site. You'll be glad you did.

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Zeus said...

You look like you have such a sincere and sweet soul, Ms. Nikita. It's just something about the smile on your face in the picture I suppose!