Sunday, July 09, 2006


Bailey came to us with a problem - she had been allowed to be the terrible teen husky. She had her tantrums and attitudes, she didn’t like being corrected and thought chewing and biting was the correct way to play. No one would want such a young dog with this disposition. In stepped a Hope volunteer who saw great potential in Bailey and with the help of some friends knew she could teach her a thing or two.

After a few weeks with a couple of good and caring trainers, Bailey has received the guidance and corrections she’s been longing for. Bailey now understands the commands needed to interact with other dogs; she also has learned that rules helped her become a cuddler and the sweet husky that she is. Her foster home can’t believe the difference and thinks she’s an impersonator. Bailey’s foster mom is continuing with the training to keep Bailey moving forward to a great life as a companion to someone.

If you can continue with the rules and guidance this girl needs, then she’s the dog for you. She has great potential to be the best pet ever. Her foster home saw it in her, won’t you take a look.

We would like to give special thanks to 2 great people - Laura B. of NJ and to Linda C. of Kromerhaus Training Kennel, Inc.

For more information on Bailey, please contact her foster home.

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