Friday, July 07, 2006


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Hi, Alaska here. I wanted to tell everyone about my weekend!

I got to go to Penn's Landing in Philadelphia on Saturday!
Unfortunately, my foster sister Nikita (who's also looking for a home, but I'm much cuter) went along too, and tried to suck up all the attention.

But I still had fun! Lots of people came by and pet my belly and gave me good food like soft pretzels and water ice, because I WAS in Philly and those are required foods to eat.

And there were lots of dogs there for adoption, and lots of people asking about us, but nobody took me home unfortunately.

I got to lean on a LOT of people and beg for attention. I love to lean, I'm a petite husky and I like to cuddle in laps, and lean on people for attention.

So if you are good at belly rubs, and you like to spoil your dogs rotten, I'd love to come live with you!

Come visit my page and contact my foster person if you want me to come cuddle with you all the time: Come Visit Alaska!


queen of light and joy said...

I love husky's, when I was younger I had an albino and he was beautiful. Good dogs.

panthergirl said...

What beautiful dogs! I'm so glad Michele sent me... I'm a greyhound rescue person. :)

David said...

very beautiful, love the text too
michele bla bla bla

Zeus said...

It's a shame that no one gave you any Philly Cheesesteaks, Alaska! I bet you would have loved those! Mmm...yum!