Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nukka Was Spayed

Nukka was spayed today. Her tooth was checked out, and the vet doesn't think it's a problem right now. Along with the spay, the vet also took biopsies from four sections of Nukka's intestines. We will get the results in 4 to 7 days. The vet also put Nukka back on probiotics because her intestintes are an abnormal color. The total cost of Nukka's surgery today was $703.79. We are hoping that the biopsy will give us some answers about Nukka's health problems.

That incision looks like it hurt, but Nukka is recovering now and we hope she'll be back to 100% very soon!

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Anonymous said...

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Blair Sorrel said...

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Warm regards,



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Unknown said...

i liked the blog! and yes i am also equally hopeful that Nukka will recover more than soon.
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Dog Walker Los Angeles said...

OH! Nukka so sad to read this, I hope you will be 100% as soon as...

Many prayers and hugs for you....

Kutz Fur Mutts said...

Hope Nukka is much better now. I really love this blog!

Scott Donald said...

Looks like Nukka is was on the mend, how has it adjusted, generally I see the dogs become more calm and are easier to train when spayed.

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