Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beki's Boo Boo

Beki was turned into the Baltimore City shelter by her previous owners. They had financial problems and were no longer able to care for her. Becki had been hit by a car last March. She had one surgery and was supposed to have another, but the family could not afford it. She had a noticeable limp in her left rear leg.

Becki's foster parents took her to the vet to get her hip x-rayed. The x-ray showed that during Becki's first surgery, the vet had put a pin in her hip to hold it in place while her hip healed. The pin should have been removed during her second surgery. The pin was actually protruding and digging into her muscle, skin and tissue as she moved, which is why she limped. Her foster parents made the appointment to have the pin removed a few days later, and Becki is feeling much better!

The vet gave them the pin as a souvenir. You can see why it was hurting her - that's a BIG pin!

The incision to remove the pin is very small and is healing quickly. Now Becki can move and run like a healthy young pup!

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Anonymous said...

I adopted this dog and she is awesome!