Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dolce is Recovering

Here is an update on Dolce from his foster mom:

"His demeanor improves by the day as he gets good food and his meds into his belly. He is getting to be quite a charmer and so happy to see us every time we enter the room. As you can see, he is still seriously underweight, but at four cups a day he'll get the weight on in OK time. He has begun to show an interest in investigating the rest of the downstairs of the house instead of just coming inside and going straight into his ex-pen, which is a challenge to navigate but good in terms of his recovery.
He's still afraid of the other dogs, and we think he was just never socialized with dogs. We treat and praise him when he doesn't growl at the other dogs when they pass. He shows an impressive full mouth of teeth, and Bandit and Molly are scared to pass his condo unescorted. If we put up a blanket so he can't see the other dogs, sit with him, or stand between him and the other dogs he is fine which leads us to believe that it is fear rather than true dog aggression. If he was truly dog aggressive, he would not care if we were there or not.
Dolce goes on Thursday to get his staples out, get some of his vaccines, and to have his eye checked. In two weeks he goes to see the orthopedist for a surgical follow-up."

Thanks so much to everyone who has donated for Dolce's care and Meeshka's Week of 100 fundraiser. As you can see, it's very much appreciated and has been put to excellent use!

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Ol Fuss and Feathers - Fuss and Feathers Forevers said...

Thanks for the "thank you" card, Dolce!!