Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Casey the Eskie

Casey went to a new foster home last week. Casey came a long way in her previous foster home - she is now good for the groomer while having her nails trimmed, has become much more affectionate, and no longer barks when people come near her crate when she is in it. Casey's new foster home has an Eskie and is very familiar with the breed. Her new foster mom says "She is settling in nicely and seems to be enjoying herself. She has done well so far with everyone in the house. She chased poor Picasso around the yard for 1/2 hour. Just can't get enough of the sniffing! I will let everyone know how Casey progresses. I am waiting to see ugly behavior out of her nothing yet.

In this picture Casey is the third one in from the right, front row.

She loves to sleep on the dog bed and curl up on my bed at night!"

Here she is cuddling with my husband! If you think you might be Casey's fureverh home, please email her foster home for more information or read about our adoption process and fill out an application.

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