Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Dog Treat Recipe Book is Here!

The recipe book is here! Thanks to all of the people who contributed recipes - you can see pictures of most of them in the Contributors section!

With all of the pet food and treat recalls since March of 2007, we know that everyone is concerned for the health and safety of their dogs. By making dog treats yourself, you know exactly what is going into them! You can save money and time by making many treats at once and freezing some for later use.

The book includes recipies for baked, frozen, and microwave treats, as well as treats for special diets, and even recipes for birthday cakes, doggie cupcakes, and special dinners!

The book has a clear plastic front cover, spiral binding, and a plastic back cover and there are 102 recipes! This is a great gift for any dog lover, and all proceeds go to Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue for the care of their foster dogs.

Ordering Information

Each book is $10.00 plus shipping. Shipping rates are:
- 1 to 3 books - $4.60 shipping
- 4 to 10 books - $9.20 shipping
Click here to order via PayPal.
- 10 or more books - please email for a shipping quote

You can pay by check or PayPal. Please include the cost of shipping and let us know how many books you are ordering. Make checks payable to HTHNBR, and mail them to:

PO Box 21202
Philadelphia, PA 19114
Please feel free to pass this on to friends and family!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

A few dogs will be lucky with the tasty treats!

Michele sent me here.

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

WOOO! Ordered mine last week.. Can't wait until I get it so mom can cook me some good tasty stuff, ha roo!