Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blizzard's Protest

Blizzard got neutered today. After his surgery was over and he was recovering in the kennel, he decided to protest by howling non stop. He even got the dog next to him howling along with him! The vet's office called his foster mom and "invited" her to come pick him up early.

The little rebel is home and resting now.


moon said...

Awe..poor guy lol, its not funny but its funny...thank goodness for orgainizations who take care of these dogs and do the right thing.
I personally am getting a 3rd dog this sunday, we have 2 house dogs who are members of our family..This new addition is from a friends who knows a person who just decided they were just NOT INTO keeping their 1 yrs old pure bread shitzu...and would put it down if they didnt find a home...HELLO!...(some ppl make me sick)
Needless to say we have enough love for another ...
Here from Michele's ...glad I dropped by..have a great day!

Theo said...

hey! i'd do more than howl. i'd be complaining, whinning and expressing nonstop self pity.

however, thanks for being a responsible caretaker!