Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oliver's Night Out

I got to be Dog of the Day at the Trenton Thunder game yesterday! My foster family took me to the Trenton Thunder baseball game. We got to watch the game, and I got lots of attention, and then I got to walk around the field!

Here I am in the car.

Here I am watching the game.

Here I am on the field during the game! I'm the fluffy little white thing behind the pitcher's leg!

And here is the picture of me that's on the Trenton Thunder site! Don't I look handsome? I had such a good time, hopefully this will help me to find my fur ever home!

I'm a Hero!

Here is what my foster mom said: ""I never thought I'd say I was happy for a having a dog that barks, but he saved our butts tonight. Leo (my foster dad) got hungry for egg salad and put some eggs in a pot to boil. Then he went to the living room and promptly fell asleep in front of the TV. Oblivious to the eggs cooking, I was working on the computer when Oliver started barking and running around. I told him to stop (which he usually does), but he wouldn't. OK, I guess he has to go out. So I stepped over our four sleeping boys, and walked toward the back door to see smoke billowing from the kitchen. I yelled for Leo, and ran toward the smoke, fully expecting to see flames from who knows what. Then the smell hit me - burned eggs. EWWWW. The water had all boiled out, and the eggs were burning in the pot. No flames, just really smelly smoke and a blackened pot. Good boy Ollie! By the way, our guys never even got up. They raised their heads briefly when the smell hit them, then laid back down. Gotta love it."

Good thing I was there!


The Brat Pack said...

You look stunning!! We hope you find your family soon. :)

Dakota said...

Wooooo Oliver!
You are a handsome thing. I hope you find your furever home soon! You are a can't miss!

Louka said...

hehehe. My granny did that egg-burning thing once before I came to the family. Humans. They're lucky to have you to warn them! You're sure to find your furever home soon, hero that you are! Hang in there.