Sunday, July 22, 2007

Husky Howling Session

Some Harnessed to Hope volunteers got together at the home that is fostering Zephyr, Blizzard and Ajax, the puppies from North Carolina. The other volunteers also brought their Husky, Indy, and they have two Huskies of their own, Tashi and Polar (who they adopted from HTH a year ago!), so all together there were SIX Huskies! While the people were eating, the Huskies were gated into the living room. Finally the Huskies decided they wanted some dessert too, and they all started howling.

Of course, as soon as someone went around the corner to actually SEE the dogs howling, they all stopped. Just like Huskies!


Dakota said...

Woooo! Woooorooo, woo woo, arroooooooo. Woooooo! Woo, roo Indy!
Wooo, roooooo, yip. Pups!
Wooo, roo, woo, wooo, woooooooooooooo - Tashi and Polar

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

I told Indy that this was a great singing session and I perked up my ears and knew everything that was being said!!!! We KNOW how to get what we want in the end...ATTENTION!