Friday, May 18, 2007

Introducing Oliver

Click to enlargeThey call me Oliver, and I’m an American Eskimo Dog. The vet says I’m about five years old, but until now it hasn’t been such a great five years. I was owned by someone who just used me for breeding, and I was tied outside all the time. I have no hair around my neck where the chain used to be, and my foster parents had to cut off most of my coat because I was filthy and matted. I also used to be infested with fleas, and it made my skin almost black with flea dirt. My foster mom was really grossed out about that! But I’m clean now, and feel so much better! My foster mom says I look like a little teddy bear with my short coat.

I’m still a little scared of new people, especially men. And it takes me a littleClick to enlarge while to be sure that new dogs aren’t going to hurt me. I like my foster brothers and sister, but one of them plays a little rough for me. They are all Huskies and love to wrestle. Doesn’t he know that I’m just little? But I get him back by biting on his back legs when he turns around and chewing on his ears when he isn’t paying attention to me.

Mostly I like to hang out with my human foster family. I just can’t believe how nice it is to live in a house and get petted. I flop over on my back for belly rubs every chance I get. Once I get to know someone, I love to try to climb into their lap and give them kisses. If you would like to find out more about me, you can email my foster home. I think it would be cool to get email!


Anonymous said...

Awww...what a sweetie! And yay for the good you do taking care of these wonderful animals. I recently adopted a rescue rat terrier myself!

Here from Michele's -- glad she pointed me your way!

Blue Monkey Jammies said...

Our dogs are retired show dogs that would've otherwise been put down. They are beautiful animals that have adapted to our home really well.
Hope you find a home for this sweetie.

Here via Michele today.

Guinness & Shiloh's Mommy said...

Who could resist that smile! I bet you'll find a great place in no time, Oliver. Shiloh knows all about trust issues, but once you find the right mommy & daddy, all is wonderful!

moon said...

omg what beautiful dogs!! love all the pics! Great post.
Michele says hi btw