Saturday, February 24, 2007

Puppy Mischief!

Our Beagle/Husky mix puppies have only been in their new foster home for a few days and they are already causing mischief! They somehow got a hold of a ruler and they all decided it would make a good chew toy.

Here, one puppy decides to start chewing on his brother!

And now they are all sharing the ruler again.

For more information on the puppies, please contact their foster home.


panthergirl said...

Oh my gawd... they look like little Snausages! Hey thanks for the thank you note. That was very sweet of you. ;)

Here via michele!

utenzi said...

They're very cute little puppies regardless of their chewing habits. I suppose all young ones have that teething need.

Michele sent me over to see the puppies.

carli said...

Why are puppy butts so freaking cute?