Monday, February 12, 2007

Bruce the Senior Eskie

Bruce was found in a park rummaging through garbage for something to eat, all matted and dirty. A good samaritan took him in and would like to find him a nice home to retire. He sleeps a lot, and is totally housebroken. He really just needs a nice human to cuddle with. Won't you consider giving this old guy a good retirement home?

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Bruce is saying "Take me home!"
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This boy is a sweet, low maintenance treat!


MaPaw said...

He looks weary. I hope he finds a warm, loving home where he can just relax the rest of his life.

Cristin said...

Hullo; Michele sent me :)

That is a cute doggie. I'm not really a candidate for helping with any doggies, but this one is cute. Also, my husband's name is Bruce. I hope he finds his forever home soon :D