Monday, October 30, 2006

Zack the New Foster Dog

Hello everyone my name is Zack. I was found running the streets never to be claimed. I did not care for the place I was staying and then one day this nice lady by the name of Polly came and took me out of there.

Then I took a ride to my new foster home were I am running and playing with others like me. I am having so much fun and can't wait until I find that special home to call my own. Here I am playing with Willow, she is another foster dog.

Right now I am underweight and not feeling too good. My new foster mom is taking really good care of me. She noticed that I don't have as much energy as a puppy should. She took me to the vet today and he gave me some medicine and wants to check me out again in a few days. I hope I will start to feel better soon!

Until then I am taking it easy with my foster siblings. They keep me company when I rest.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Zack,

Your are very lucky to be in such a great foster home. My doofus brother, Lares, came from that foster home as well (I will not hold it against you). Good luck finding your furever home. I'm sure someone will adopt you soon since you are so cute.


Anonymous said...

He is just gorgeous! Look at those eyes. :)

Ari (Baking and Books)

Deana said...

Oh I couldn't take it...well my heart. They are so like the doggies in the movie "Eight Below"...just beautiful. I hate the thoughts of dogs without good loving homes. My own two truly have no idea how lucky they are...and that is a good thing.

Visiting via Micheles...I saw the name and wanted to visit.