Friday, August 04, 2006

Quincy's Story

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Hi, I'm Quincy! I came into "rescue" when I was 8 weeks old. I was diagnosed with parvo and had to spend some time in the emergency hospital. I am now a healthy 4 month old pup! I am mostly housebroken, I have a few "accidents" in my crate sometimes. I LOVE to play with the other dogs where I live. I think I have to have some around when I get "adopted". The humans are teaching me that I shouldn't bite them, but I don't understand why I can't. My foster mom says that I shouldn't be adopted to a home with small children because of this. I will be "nootered" (whatever that means) before I can leave my foster home and go to my fur-ever home. Will you be the one to help me with my training?

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Tracie said...


Here from Michele!

moon said...

What a beautiful dog, I hope he finds a good home.
Michele sent me,
have a great day.

Just a trumpet player said...

Too bad I'm so far away...
Hopefully, he'll find a good familly.

Michele sent me. Have a nice weekend !

Cairo The Boxer said...

you are so cute! I am so glad you are happy and healty!

Dana said...

Quincy is a little stinker!!! I should know he has been my lil' boy for 2 weeks now! An my family and I couldnt love him anymore!!!