Thursday, August 24, 2006

Owner Surrender Post: Misunderstood Mix Needs Understanding Home

Meet Cosmo. Cosmo is a handsome 5 year old neutered male husky/collie mix. Cosmo has soulful brown eyes, and a soft brown and white coat. And look at those ears! How could anyone resist them? Cosmo is up to date on all of his shots. He is housebroken, and does great with small children and other pets, including cats!

Cosmo has not had an easy life, and he is looking for a new family to love and care for him. Cosmo was originally owned by a man that had many problems. When he passed away, Cosmo was sent to the shelter. The man’s niece heard of Cosmo’s fate, and ran to the shelter to save him. Cosmo has been with his family for three years, and although they love him dearly, they feel that he would do better in a home where people are around more often.

Cosmo has taken to jumping his family’s 4.5 foot fence, so it is recommended that his adoptive family has a sturdy 6 foot fence to keep him safe. He is not a digger, he does however, love to roll around and play in the grass. Cosmo walks well on a leash, and is very obedient. He knows basic commands of sit and down. He also loves to go on car rides. Cosmo is a fairly quiet dog, but he will let you know if someone is at your front door.

Cosmo would do best in a family where someone is home more often than not. He can get very anxious, especially during storms, or periods of high wind. He does not especially like to be left alone. He would be great for a family with a stay at home mom and children.

If you are interested in Cosmo, please contact Kerry for more information.


David said...

what a great mission- i hope you find good homes for all these pups!

Karen said...

That's a really pretty dog. I hope you have good luck placing him with someone!

Michele sent me today!

Anonymous said...

I really want a dog....but I live in an apartment...I need small.

But good luck :)

Paige said...

You are doing a good thing here. I wish you luck. We however have plenty of pets always

Hi here by way of Michele's Happy weekend

Princess said...

sent from micheles.

You seem like such a good person to find homes for all these dogs.

Good luck!!


Koda said...

Hahaha, look at those ears! You are sooo cute, I know you will find a good home soon. I was tossed out on the streets by my first owners too, but I now have a great home.