Sunday, July 30, 2006

Oh whoa is me.....

It's just me, Nikita.. the forgotten one... melodramatic I know.. but with these new puppies arriving what's to be expected. I'm here, looking for this thing called a 'fur-ever' home (the human lady thinks that sounds soo cute) and along come these cute, fuzzy and adorable puppies and their mom. Yeesh!! Can't an older distinguished lady such as myself catch a break!!
I've been here, 'learning' things like 'socialization' and 'sharing' and working my butt off like I never did before and someone brings in cute little pups!! Well, I have to admit.. they are cute.. and quite adorable. Once the human lady explained what could have happened to them if they weren't taken in, I fully understand and a grateful to the foster home. Thank you Ms. Brenda for doing this... however, as long as I'm here, please don't make it a habit have pups outshine me ;-) I'll let you slide on this once, since they are fuzzy and adorable.
Well, I'm off for another 'training' thing. Why the humans bother I'll never know.
Yours truly,

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barbara wilson said...

Oh Nikita . . you are a sweetheart. Maybe someday soon you will get that runny nose thing figured out and I can get a chance to meet you. You are a pumpkin!!