Sunday, July 23, 2006

Blog-a-Thon to Raise Money for Sick Foster Dogs

These two cute little fuzzy wuzzy rescue pups were pulled from a shelter when they were running out of time. Can you believe nobody adopted these two?

Who could resist dese wittle faces????

One had parvo and the other caught pneumonia. These were itty bitty 8 week old puppies, and apparently they required a lot of oogie stuff to make them better. All money goes straight to the rescue, and most of that will go toward their vet bills.

And poor sweet Nikita has had a cough and nasal congestion that she just can't get rid of. She is going to need to be tested for food allergies, and if that's not it, more tests will need to be done.

So the wonderful and wise Meeshka is doing a Blog-a-Thon to raise money for these poor sick foster dogs! You can read her wonderful blog, and you can sponsor her for the Blog-a-Thon!

Sponsor Meeshka!

Of course, all of these sick doggies have needed medical care, and that all costs money. All of the money from the Blog-a-Thon will go directly to the foster dogs. Please feel free to forward this information to all animal lovers you know!

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